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Robot Soldier


I wanted a robot army.

After selling the family plumbing business in 2021, I was looking for a new venture that would bring me back to my creative roots. Looking for opportunities, I discovered the incredible technology currently available in the maker and craft communities. Small scale production is made possible in the 21st century.

I made a few investments in equipment and spent six months training and educating myself in the areas of laser cutting and sublimation. I'm focusing on a few different client sectors, in order to diversify my interests. First, fandom communities enjoy our LED lights via Fandom Laser a direct-to-consumer brand that sells at events and online. Second, wholesaling collaborative small batch products with local brands. Third, custom unique gifts that we sell directly to the public via word-of-mouth and (soon!) an online store. For now you can find many of these products on our Etsy store. 

You can also find our products in-store at Antique Junction in Piedmont, SC and Delera Boutique in Signal Mountain, TN.

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