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Custom Made

Finding unique items for resale and curating exactly the right mix of merchandise for your store is a challenge. 

That's why we do wholesale custom made. It gives you more creative control - and complete exclusivity - to wholesale products. 

Custom branded products are a great way to build your own line, connect with your customers, and differentiate your business. 

Please note: The buttons in this section connect to product catalogs provided by some of our favorite primary supply partners. This is not an exhaustive list of what we can offer, however, all of the items listed in the above catalogs are available for quoting. For a personalized proposal based on your event, brand, or needs - please contact us.

Home Goods

Tea Towels

We stock a premium white linen style towel. The fabric is 100% polyester, which makes it nice and durable and holds color beautifully wash after wash. 17"x24"

linen apron.jpg

Medium weight with a natural linen/canvas finish, these aprons feature a front pocket and adjustable neck strap with metal fitting. Made of 100% polyester, they wash really well and hold their color and shape.


When it comes to mugs, there are almost endless style options. We are partial to an 11 oz mug finished in a shimmery gold, silver, pink, or blue. Colors show up super bright and they are both dishwasher and microwave safe!

Additional Styles Available Upon Request.


Endlessly customizable, our ornaments don't typically use a blank but are custom designed to order with acrylic and wood sheet materials. Regular and oversized available.

Valet Trays

Subtly stylish, useful, and gender neutral. The catch-all tray is made of a high-quality vegan leather and measures 6"x6". Available in a variety of colors and engraving finishes.

This item also sells well as a dice tray for the D&D inclined!


Earring Charms

Acrylic or wood, cut and/or etched with color fill when appropriate. If you want to design your own jewelry line but don't have the tools to make your own charms - lets work together!


9.45" x 5.90" zippered natural linen finish bag is the perfect canvas for your design. Wristlet strap and zipper are black. Double sided printing is included in standard pricing. 

Can be sold as a cosmetic bag, device bag, or small purse.

Car Coasters

Ever had a pool of gross condensation in the bottom of your vehicle cup holder? These small sandstone car coasters with a finger divot solve that problem. The sandstone is highly absorbent, they fit most cup holders, and the bright white color is a great background for bright, vibrant colors. Makes a great impulse register item.

See how we collaborated with Carolina Olive Oil to create a unique house brand called,
"We Call It Home, Y'all".

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Need Inspiration?

It's okay if you didn't see what you were looking for! We can come up with something completely unique for you. If you already have an idea - run it past us. If not, tell us a bit about your event and your price point. We are happy to come up with some options for you. 

Visit our gallery of past work for inspiration!

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